New features coming soon – Jarvis Public

Multi-location support

Within the Jarvis Public app it will be possible to select multiple locations, in order to receive updates and communications from multiple Municipalities.
For example, a citizen can add both his place of residence and the one where he carries out his work (ut also the one where he spends the wekkend!).

New communication tools

In addition to the Jarvis Public app, it will be possible to convey alerts via SMS, email and within the Telegram messaging application. These integrations make it possible to reach an even higher number of citizens and organizations (for example people without smartphones via SMS, or companies and organizations via email).

Content moderation

It is now possible to activate content moderation for specific topics; the authorized user can set up the warning / alert, but the sending must be confirmed by an administrator. This function makes it easier to send notices, for example by giving access to the portal to associations or other entities (proloco, civil protection group, etc.), being able to supervise the content sent to the citizen.

Advanced statistics

Effectively displays statistics relating to alerts sent and communications and alerts received from citizens. The number of message “views” is now collected, regardless of the response type selected.

Improved performance

We have renewed our Jarvis Public app by improving performance and user experience, in order to make communication with the citizen even faster and more effective.