Application solution for Civil Protection activities

The Jarvis application solution is an effective tool to optimize the operations of Civil Protection groups.

Alerting of operating personnel
Send messages, warnings and alerts to operational staff (foremen, volunteers, municipal structure of Civil Protection, etc.); effectively tracks the receipt, reading and acceptance of the information sent on the Jarvis Mobile operating app.

Personnel safety
Make safe the operation of your staff who carry out work alone or in emergency situations; with the Man down, immobility and impact (accident) functions you will be alerted in real time and automatically in case of difficulty; GPS tracking provides important information for organizing rescue.

Monitoring of operational situations
Collect, organize and send information from the territory in real time: from training to emergency situations, send photos, videos and geo-localized audio and textual notes; view them from the operations center or from the advanced command post in real time on a map, where you can also monitor the position of operating personnel. add customized layers to the map to identify risk levels and places of interest as identified by the Municipal Civil Protection Plan.

Tracking of operational vehicles

Track the activities of your operational vehicles. Receive low battery alerts, on / off events, track your routes; automatically accounts for operating costs based on the different types of service performed and the specific machine used.

Staff tracking
Track the routes taken by your staff, to memorize the best route to reach an operational area, or during the person search activities to view the areas already covered / served.

Ordinary and emergency planning

Consult directly from your smartphone procedures for ordinary activities carried out by staff (maintenance, etc.). Access the standard operating procedures (POS) and the planning envisaged by the Municipal Civil Protection Plan.

Environmental monitoring
Monitor critical situations in your area in real time: risk of avalanches / debris flows, streams and rivers, rain and snowfall. Through specific sensors and weather stations, collect data and receive alerts and alerts in real time; it displays the monitored critical points via cameras and activates the management procedures of the phenomenon in progress.

It automates the activation of lighting systems, opening gates, sirens and alarms following programming or a warning / alert event from a sensor, or following activation by an enabled user on the Jarvis portal.