Use JARVIS as a valuable support for your ordinary and routine activities. Convocation of scheduled activities, reminders of cultural events, notices for closing schools, events, deadlines and weather reports or civil protection alerts.


Use JARVIS to alert the population through all the communication channels available and keep them updated throughout the duration of the event. The system also works in the event of traditional media congestion. Alerting different recipients according to the nature of the event according to pre-set addresses, such as other bodies or rescue centers, each according to the warning plans.


Activate rescue technicians and operators and prompt intervention according to alert criteria or based on their geographical proximity to the place of intervention and obtain confirmation of their willingness to intervene.

Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l.

Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l. is a company that for over eighteen years has been operating in the sector of prevention and safety (Safety & Security) carrying out design, technical consultancy, training and theoretical-practical training for the management of any emergency situation.

The many years of experience in the sector and the expertise gained by our certified instructors and qualified technical staff allow Tecnica – Formazione – Sicurezza s.r.l. to offer customers a wide range of specialist solutions in the field of planning, supply, installation and management of

  • environmental detection, monitoring and surveillance networks
  • alarm and safety systems in the event of a fall: boulders, debris flow, snow avalanches

and to suggest assistance packages that can be customized according to the Client’s real needs or to the particular operating context.