Latest updates

Improvements to the Live Map

We have improved the operation of the Live Map, in particular:

  • Custom Layers: it is now possible to customize the base map and object layer, adding custom ones;
  • Annotations: you can add notes and draw custom zones / areas on the map;
  • Tracks display: now the tracks made by users through the Jarvis Mobile app are displayed in real time on the map;
  • Graphic improvements: it is now possible to customize and assign a color to each individual user, so that they can be quickly distinguished on the map. We have also improved the display of attachments.

Environmental monitoring: vehicular traffic

In addition to the classic range of sensors for environmental monitoring, we have developed and integrated:

  • Vehicle traffic analysis: vehicle counting and categorization, with speed analysis;
  • License plate reading: advanced image analysis with license plate reading, with the possibility of automating the opening of gates, activation of lights and systems, as well as statistical analysis;
  • Advanced statistics: generation of advanced statistics, with analysis of the occupation of different monitored road segments / sections, in real time;
  • Integration with avalanche warning systems / debris flow: following an instrumental alarm, it is possible to check in real time the occupation of the road section potentially affected by the event, identifying the number, type and number plates of the vehicles present.

Winter services

We have enhanced the reporting function for winter services performed; we have also improved the visualization of the monitoring data of the tracking devices, as well as the possibility of defining customized alert rules on individual events.


We have improved the privacy features within our video supervision systems, by deactivating the camera when an operator is present inside the system or by selecting time slots to limit its operation.