360 degree monitoring
Monitor the risk situations in your area: snow, avalanches, debris flows, strong winds, rains and thunderstorms can cause great damage and put the population at risk

Advanced sensors
A network of high technology and low energy consumption sensors collects and forwards the parameters in real time to the supervision system

Data collection
The data collected by the sensors are historicized for an in-depth analysis. They can be made available for consultation to external services such as avalanche commission, geological service, etc.

Reliable and efficient alerting
The analysis algorithm compares multiple data sources (sensors installed in the field, video images, avalanche bulletin, weather forecast) to carry out an alert with a high level of reliability

Management of alert levels
You will have the opportunity to set different alert or pre-alert thresholds, so you can flexibly manage communication with professionals and the population

Spreading messages – real-time alerts
Using the most common communication channels: App alert via Smartphone with read confirmation, SMS, E-Mail, Websites, Social Networks, activation of Sirens, Alarms and PMVs (variable message panels) via dedicated hardware